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Well i haven't done any real sort of intense training since my last fight which was mid may lol, so its been some time so i thought i'd do a couple of 1 Minute muscle endurance tests just to see were i'm at with that. I will be doing several other tests to measure my fitness level that way every month or so i can re do the test to see if i've improved.

1 Minute Muscle Endurance Tests

Basically as many reps as you can in 1 minute.

Push Ups
(Basic push-ups, not boxing ones, not double width, not star or whatever just normal push ups.)

Basic Sit Ups
(Yet again nothing fancy just basic legs on ground bent at 45 degrees, arms out straight an sitting up till hands on knees)

Inverted Rows
(Legs elevated to be in line with bar.)

Bodyweight Squats
(Not ATG just till the knees bend at the 45.)

I may do some more tests later tonight or tomorrow after school just see how we go. But thats just a nice easy straight forward way to measure different parts of my endurance levels.
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