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Originally Posted by Racerboy44 View Post
All Fisher has to do is take it to the ground for an easy victory. But if he doesn't, then he is taking a big chance at getting knocked out!
Watch Fisher vs Stout II again. If Spencer comes out looking anything close to that he wins hands down.

He was working the whole gamut of MMA skills. Boxing, Muay Thai, leg kicking, head kicking, grappling, jits, that fight had it all. His combo's were quick and they mixed up all aspects of his striking game very well.

Melvin is always a dangerous fighter. He hits with serious power and can certainly work the ground. If he ever really gets his head entirely in the game and keeps it there he may go somewhere.

His problems in this fight are quite simply that he does not possess the requisite skill set to beat Fisher. His transitions are not nearly as smooth and Fisher just rolls from one attack to the next so fluidly. I think his only real hope in this bout is to catch Spencer w/a good solid punch and knock him out. I don't believe he has the high cardio level to get thim through the sort of 2 and 3 round punishment style fight that Fisher seems to get involved in.

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