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Originally Posted by J.P. View Post
What impresses me more is that you've went from 31-30-2 gotten proved wrong, and are now at 18-11-2. And are still disputing and discounting his ability. The fact that you'll altar his numbers to fit your arguments picture is funny, wait a minute, is that you Cesar??............

Until Lawler fights with Frank we'll not know who is better. But if we were to go on acheivements, titles, and notable victories as you're suggesting, than yes Frank would be better.

What's your evidence..... rankings? Not good enough. Giving evidence of acheivements and rankings will not effect the outcome of this fight. Franks carreer has been vastly superior to Robbies in every aspect. If you choose to dispute this fact I'll prove you wrong so It'd be wise to move on from this point.


Haven't attacked you. I think Frank has better wrestling than Robbie, I beleive his striking is vastly underrated and he has more experience.
I completely agree Frank's career has had a more impressive career than Lawler. However the accolades and high points in his career we're long ago. Lawler is just starting to gain his accolades and respect. Past accomplishment don't make a fighter a current contender. For instance, when Ali fought Holmes, there is no denying that Holmes had fewer accomplishments. He still destroyed Ali, because Ali was to far past his prime. As far as Frank being able to stand with Lawler, he probably could stand and lose like he did with Le. Frank does not have knock out power. Lawler's wrestling is better than Frnak's and he will be working with better wrestlers in training than Frank. I would have respected the answer that Frank would catch him in a submission from his back, since it has happened to Lawler before. Frank winning a stand-up war, or out wrestling someone with wrestling skills? Don't be ridiculous.
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