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Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
When your wrong your wrong and you are wrong LOL!

Really I see a very improved Robbie Lawler and people don’t give him much credit for the changes he’s made.

Watching him fight smith who is a very good striker it was nice to see him slip almost every punch to some degree be patient and take his time. The old Robbie would have just ran in swinging till someone got ko'd.

As for the ground game (that we have yet to see for a wile now) Im willing to go out on a limb there and say training with matt Hughes has probably boned up that weak spot quite a bit. Im not debating about who's better ON the ground but Im not convinced Shamrock can get it TO the ground and if he dose I think he will have the edge just not some massive advantage.

If this fight stays striking shamrock will take a tremendous butt whooping. Robbie is faster, has better head movement and strikes harder, I cant see how anyone would think the odds are that Shamrock would beat him at this point in time.

I love nostalgia as much as the next guy but I cant see Robbie Lawler as a turning point for Frank, Robbie’s too good and I think you overrate shamrock quite a bit.
While Lawler has improved, he still gets incredibly sloppy. He still swings wildly and still gets reckless when his opponent starts swinging on him.

Scott Smith is your typical banger. he's heavy handed and that's about it. Decent boxing, not much else in terms of stand-up.

Robbie's wrestling is pretty good, but his ground game is still not that great. At least, it's not on Frank Shamrock's level. If the fight did hit the ground, Robbie would be in big trouble, as Frank would submit him. Frank will not take Robbie down, though, since he'd be whooping him standing.

Shamrock has shown that he can take a tremendous butt whooping. The guy has an iron chin. No way is Robbie faster, as Frank's stand-up is incredibly quick and technical. Frank's been a great stand-up fighter since 1999 and he's only gotten better in that department.

Nostalgia has nothing to do with it, really. Frank's just a better striker than Robbie and, at this point, a better fighter. He hasn't reached Ken Shamrock-levels of washed up just yet. The guy has, at least, 3 more good fights left in him.

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