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Originally Posted by Damone View Post
One thing though: Let's say Palhares subs Hendo with ease, would he fight Anderson Silva? BTT and Blackhouse are pretty damn close, and I'm not sure if they'd fight each other due to being on, basically, the same team.

Will Palhares heel hook, choke out or armbar Henderson? I'm thinking armbar, but I want a heel hook. He should also rock his facial hair while doing so.

With Bustamante sneering in his corner, Palhares will not lose. He's going to send Henderson up to 205, blee dat.
Actually the way the heel hook is working out for him I say he will definately go for it ar a couple of moments. And from there the chances are that he gets it. So I'm thinking heel hook. But the armbar certainly is a posibility if he gets mount and wants to finish safely (against Dan, I know I would).

Palhares will avenge Henderson's gift decision Murilo Bustamante, as Anderson avenged the gift decision to Ninja!

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