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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Im not really going by betting odds or anything else but there is no denying in the court of public opinion Rashad is a huge underdog wether some find him highly underated or not.

I think Mir/Nog is the biggest underdog as Im not sure he can sub Nog although if Nog makes a slight miscalculation its possible,

I think Cote has the best chance of being the victorious underdog as I think he has a good chance of beating Silva with a bricks for hands and a granite chin,

Rashad/Lidell I dont see how Rashad wins, I think Evans is highly underated but Chuck eats wrestlers alive.

Fitch/GSP is a hard one to call for me as Fitch is one of the best in the WW division by far and is definatly championship material but GSP looked so dominating in his last couple fights that I find it hard to imagine him losing.
After seeing Nog get subbed by Ricco in ADCC all those years ago and dropped by Herring, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Mir pulls something off and finishes. But who knows.
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