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To pick an underdog I have to think, "If this person wins I would be totally shocked."

Mir winning would be a stunner. I expect Nog to kill him but Mir could pull a Rabbit out of his trunks.
Fitch winning would blow me away. I would drink, sing my Canadian anthem drunkenly, wallow in sorrow for a few days and wait for GSP to kill him in the rematch.
Manny winning wouldn't surprise me. Those TUF guys. Sigh.
Cote winning would floor me. Anderson is on a tear. I'd probably sit ther thinking "what just happened?" and follow it up with a rejoiceful "Take that Silva, YOU ******! Lmao.
Rashad winning would require a prompt, "whatever." Evans bores me and Chuck got tagged by Jardine so nothing would amaze me here.
Now either Florian or Roger beating BJ! NOW THATS A SHOCKER! Does anyone think either guy could take Penn? Seriously?!

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