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Frank Mir: "I don't have Fedor being in the top..."
Me: "That's funny, I don't have Frank Mir deserving a title shot."

Also, P4P rankings are biased against heavier fighters. They always look at what a smaller fighter would gain from being bigger (namely power) and what a bigger fighter would lose if they were smaller (again, power). However, they usually don't talk about the explosiveness a big guy would gain by being smaller, or the explosiveness a smaller guy would lose by being bigger. And you can't really say that "if they had the same attributes they have at their current weight..." because that's just not how it works. Smaller guys have attributes (speed, explosiveness, etc) that big guys don't and vice versa. You'd have to look at everything proportionally, and it's just way too hard to do objectively. And why just because P4P rankings were created for smaller fighters mean that a big guy can't be first?
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