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Just a nice relaxed day today just did some weights for something todo.

Decided to do some pushing exercises today as wukka gave me a list of exercises i could do some thought i'd do them today.

Push Press - 6x3
Close Bench - 3x5
Military Press - 3x5
Bench Dips - 5x5

At the end of my assigned workout i like to just throw in a favorite exercise just for a variety...

Lat Pull-down - 6x3

After that moved onto a little bit of grip work...

Tennis Ball Pull-Ups - Reps up to 3 and down (1,2,3,2,1)
Pinch plate - 1xMAX

Then finally finished with a lil bit of core work...

Metronome - 3x5
Lateral Hip Raises - 3x5
Swiss ball sit-ups - 3x5
Swiss Ball Back Extensions - 3x5

Well that was todays workout hopefully tomorrow i can bust out a circuit and maybe some MMA training hopefully.

Also all of my lifting his done explosively and then relaxed and slow just thought i'd chuck that out there and i haven't put weight in as i don't go gym i just lift at home so i have limited weight lol when i get some more plates then i'll start putting it in.

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)
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