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Originally Posted by Damone View Post
How, in the hell, is Matt Lindland number 2?

What has he done in the MW division recently that makes you put him in that spot? Seriously, I want to know.
To be honest, I've never really liked Lindland or been that impressed with him talent/skillwise. That being said, the fact of the matter is he uses what he has, and probably utilizes his strengths about as well as anyone in MMA. Considering that his strengths include (or some would say are limited to) some of the best wrestling in the sport, that makes him a tough opponent for anyone. Sure, you can say he's boring, but he gets the job done.

Unfortunately, after he got exiled from the UFC, it was difficult for him to find competitive MW matches, so he jumped around in organizations and weightclasses, but you know all that. So, ranking-wise I wouldn't put him anywhere near #2 because he just hasn't been that active in the division, but in terms of the second best MW, I think he should at least be included in the discussion, so I went out on a limb and threw him in at 2 irregardless of his piss poor performance on the Affliction card. Just trying to come at everyone with a different perspective.

Plus, dude is so ugly, he needs love from somewhere.

Also, sometimes I wish that Dan Henderson was more like Matt Lindland, but then I come to my senses, realize that I love Hendo just the way he is and tell myself that if I ever think like that again I'll have to shove my own head in a toilet.
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