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Well as i write this log i'm eating a nice big plate of fish n chips lol so healthy of me... But today got in a weights session down at the training center and followed it up with 2 hours of mma training.

Weights: Back/ Shoulders/ Biceps

I did this down at club so there are some decent weights there to use so i will record the weights in this entry. It is in a Sets x Reps x Weight order.

Dead lifts

DB Biceps Curls

DB Shoulder Press

DB Raises (Front & Lateral)

Not the best actually as i did a bit of back work last night so i just backed it up should be interesting tomorrow morning.

MMA Training
Total: 2 hours.

Warm Up
5 Min Heavy Bag (Striking)
5 Min Skipping
5 Min Switch drills

For this we worked on some 4- Count drills, Then went 4 count drills and shooting in and taking the back and then finished in with burpee and shoot in for the double leg. This all went on for about 40 minutes and there was about 50 push ups an 100 sit ups all mixed in there somewheres.

Ground Game
We worked alot on escaping the mount and guard using alot of hip escapes and ankle picks which were pritty fun. This went for the rest of the night pritty much but time ******* flew by. Then to finish up we decided to squat while have someone jump guard and perform sit ups on you lol... pritty fun having a 105kg man hanging off ya.

Well that was all today just finished me fish n chips an i feel like a bit of a fatty but oh well.

Good night all!

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)

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