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Originally Posted by Damone View Post
I was bored, so I re-watched Shields vs Okami.

Rd 1.

Okami controlled the clinch game. Jake tries like hell to take Okami down, gets him down but Yushin gets back up. They start trading a little, and Yushin lands a really nice body kick. They both try for a takedown, Jake goes for a leg-lock, Okami gets out and Jake lands some knees.

10-9 Shields, based on actually trying to work. Hardly an asskicking in that round.

Rd 2.

Jake tries to take Okami down and starts kicking air. Nice body kick from Yushin. Jake works like hell for a takedown. Nice takedown defense from Okami. They break up and Shields lands a nice leg-kick and goes for yet another takedown. Jake gets him down, but Okami is trying to get back up. Jake gets Okami's back but Yushin shows excellent defense and actually attempts a kimura. More defending of the takedown from Okami. Okami lands some nice shots to Shields head. I kind of yawn. They stand and trade, nobody lands anything of note. Round over.

10-9 Shields, based on actually trying to, you know, do something.

Rd 3.

Jake goes for a sloppy takedown and Okami sprawls. More shooting, more sprawling. Jake pulls guard. Okami in half-guard, showing great control. Okami unleashes some nice GnP. Jake is doing nothing but defending. Okami is smoking Shields on the ground, which I find funny, since you said Shields had it on the ground. Okami gets his back and Shields gets up. Shields is bleeding. Yushin lands some nice punches standing. Shields' ear is bleeding and the ref stops to check the cut and bloody nose. Shields tries to kick and panics. Nasty body kick from Okami. Shields had him standing, you say?

10-9 Okami, based on basically destroying Jake Shields.

29-28 for Shields using the 10-9 scoring system. Using the Pride system, the winner was easily Yushin Okami. I could see how many thought Okami won, since he made Shields fight his fight and had that huge third round. You are too biased towards Jake Shields.

There is also a moment in round 1 when Okami actually reversed a TD attempt by Jake and took Jake down, Jake immeadiatly scrambled up. I'm not making a point with that I just thought it was a good back and fourth.

In the last round when the refs checked Shields cut, Sheilds attempted a flurry, more than Okami ever attempted.

I don't think Okami made Sheilds play his game since for about 11 out of 15 minutes Sheilds was grappling for TDs and Okami was stuck defending.

Okami was actually on top of Shields because Shields pulled guard from a standing position.

I think effective aggression was in Sheilds favor the entire time.

When Okami was on top he was getting some work in. I'll give him that. But what was it 1 and a half minutes tops?

Out of 15 minutes.

I think Jake pushed the pace and was doing more to impose his will.

Nope, just wondering because you seem to have a completely overinflated opinion of and vested interest in ELITEXC's success. A thorn in someone's side? Are you serious? Nobody watched and even less went to the last show. Affliction is a thorn in the side of UFC, I'm sure UFC will be there to sign a few of ELITEXC's good fighters when they collapse in the next year or so.
I don't see EliteXC folding as quick as some of you guys do. And I could ask if you are Dana because of your last sentence. But I know that you're not so it would not be an effective discussion method in regards to this issue.

I am a fan of EliteXC and I think that a few changes with marketing along with some other things would help EliteXC flourish.

I also beleive that alot of EliteXCs fighters are underated. Fighters such as Jake, Drew Fickett, Antonio Silva, Nick Diaz, K.J. Noons, and a few more. Furthermore they have some great up and comers like Rafael Feijao, Hector Lombard, Joey Villasenor, Conor Huen and alot more all with great records.

With a few changes it is a likley probability that this org will succeed.

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