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Originally Posted by J.P. View Post
Eddie Alvarez is a top ten fighter what are you talking about?

And after Japan, he should be top 5 in my opinion. It's also funny how Nick Diaz isn't top 10 or K.J. Noons. EliteXC is less a circus and more a thorn in your side.

Sheilds isn't making "claims" he really wants to fight the best.

He isn't however going to sell his soul to Dana and the Fertitas for less money and a locked up contract. He's definatly smart. Why can't GSP come play? Because his daddy Dana says no?

This circus you speak of respects it's fighters with respectable contracts and a decent payday. How bout that?

One of the top 10 in the UFC is named Yushin Okami. He got his ass handed to him by EliteXCs Jake Sheilds.

And you want Sheilds to work for the Fertitas? Is there a fighter under Zuffa who isn't locked down?

"bbjd7" ansered you on this. Misaki is signed with Strikeforce so you'll be seeing him in an EliteXC cage soon enough. Add another 10er to the mix.

So not only are your facts wrong here but so is your prediction.

Sheilds has expressed his willingness to move up in weight. Thus they'd weigh in the same. You just really think Sheilds isn't good don't you?

Again you are wrong. In my opinion Jake is better than John Fitch. I know his Jiu-Jitsu is. And his striking is pin point. Ride out his contract? Looks as if the UFC has an issue with their own fighters riding out their contracts......and leaving.

Looks like your circus has it's fighters respect. And that counts more than your ill informed opinions.

First of all mmaweekly, yahoo sports,, and tapout magazine don't have Alavarez in the top ten, so he's not top ten just because you say so. Also he only has fought under the proelite banner once. He is not under contract, therefore isn't even their fighter. As far as selling his soul to go the UFC, I don't know why you hate the UFC so much. Maybe, you really are Frank Shamrock. Maybe you work for Proelite. Any way it goes Jake Shields remaining in Elite XC, is like a great basketball player passing up the NBA to play in Europe. It doesn't matter if he likes the company or not, they are the top company with the top fighters. The reason to get locked down in a contract with the Ferritas is so that he can spend the next three years fighting the best competition and procing himself. As far as Jake being better than Fitch, you're the only one I've ever heard say that. Fitch is the consensus number 2 in the world. Also if you honestly think that Jake won't spend his entire fight with Lindland getting pounded, then you haven't seen Lindland fight. They won't weigh the same. Shields won't have to cut weight and will weigh about 185. By fight time Lindland could weigh about 200. Elite XC is a thorn in the UFC's side, one that is going to be easily pulled out and thrown in the garbage. They already have had the heads of the company step down. They are losing so much money, they need a miracle to save the company.
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