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Originally Posted by J.P. View Post
What a joke. I'm telling you, EliteXC fighters are not rated correctly.

You're wrong here, EliteXC has allowed him to compete in Japan. Who told you this lie? They should be punished

I don't hate any MMA org, nor will you find a post of mine that says such. Don't put words in my mouth. It discredits you.

Um, yeah.......

Ya got me!

It's not that simple. It's becoming common knowledge that alot of fighters in the UFC have had money and contract issues with Dana. Why would an intelligent fighter place himself in that situation?

Alot of great fighters have left the UFC. Maybe it's not the best place right now.

I do think he's better than Fitch. Especially his Jiu-Jitsu.

As far as your consensus is concerned I can't put my trust in people who wouldn't put Eddie Alvarez in the top 10. Or when they rank Carlos Condit over Jake Shields when Sheilds has defeated Condit.

Says you. I've seen alot of Lindland. Have you really studied Shields?

That's possible, It would be a good fight. I think Shields would be very compeditive.

Only time will tell, Shaw stepping down was more than likley not of his own will. I think you're very wrong about 80% of your post.
So you don't hate any promotion, but working for one is selling your soul? Seems to be a contradiction. According to you Elite XC fighters aren't ranked properly. It's too bad you can't find one legitimate sports writer or expert who agrees with you. I'm sure you're right though. You must know better than people who are considered experts, and get paid for their knowledge about MMA. Oh also none of these organizations have Condit ahead of Shields, so I don't know where that came from. As far as fighters leaving the UFC, Randy, Arlovski, and Sylvia all left to fight Fedor. What other top level fighters have they lost? I have seen many of shields fights, I simply don't think he has the power as a small 170 fighter to tangle with the world class wrestling talent of Matt Lindland, who is a big 185 fighter. As far as not putting himself in a bad monetary situation, guys like GSP and Anderson Silva are making huge amounts of money. If Shields is as good as you say so would he. I agree that Shields Jiu-Jitsu is better than Fitch. However, I think Fitch's wrestling would be too much for shields to handle. I agree Shaw stepping down was not of his own will. The company is in trouble, so he was forced out. The stock is plummeting, the ratings are dropping, and they are hemorrhaging money. Do you honestly think they will keep the CBS deal if the ratings continue to be poor? You were right about Alvarez being under contract. I was wrong; I'm not above admitting when I'm wrong. You should give it a try sometime. If Alvarez wants to continue to fight mid level fighters that Elite XC can scrounge up, good for him.
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