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Originally Posted by J.P. View Post

It's not that simple. It's becoming common knowledge that alot of fighters in the UFC have had money and contract issues with Dana. Why would an intelligent fighter place himself in that situation?
You'll have a hard time finding any person who doesn't have pay issues with their boss. Money isn't always the only or most important factor when one works for a company. If Shields really wants to be considered the best, he'll go to UFC when he can. It's not like he couldn't make more or close to the same with the UFC, not too mention I'm sure his sponsorships could increase because more people watch UFC than EliteXC. Shields will NEVER be considered the best if he doesn't defeat the WW's in the UFC. So what is more important for Shields? Money or being the best? But like I said, it's logical that Shields would make more money in the UFC. Shields sounds like to me he wants to stay the big fish in the little pond that is EliteXC

Alot of great fighters have left the UFC. Maybe it's not the best place right now.
Besides HW's, who? Of those, Couture is the only one they tried to keep. AA and Sylvia were practically pushed out.

Or when they rank Carlos Condit over Jake Shields when Sheilds has defeated Condit.
That was two years ago and since then, Condit has beaten better opponents I think. But the rankings I'm looking at have Shields well ahead of Condit.

But no ranking in sports is going to make everyone happy.

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