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Well my start got postponed due to some illness and then a wedding. Not a good way to kick it off but it's going now regardless.

Yesterday was my first class. Beforehand 2 of my friends wanted to hit pads for awhile so I met up with them and we practiced our muay thai on eachother for at least an hour. Afterwards I got something to eat then headed to class.

Class was pretty easy, and I daresay our trainer isn't very thorough. I sat down and start stretching before class, but the trainer didn't take us through any warm up. Instead we started with learning a bit of clinch work, wrestling for the clinch, a few moves from the clinch, etc. Then we did a pretty thorough circuit training that I managed without too much trouble. After that he essentially said, we can do whatever we want - shadowbox, hit the bag, pads, etc. as long as we were doing something. I alternated between hitting the bag since I haven't been on a bag in awhile, and shadowboxing while using a line on the mats to practice moving forwards, backwards, and sideways in a straight line while throwing combos. That's the class.

During class the trainer took an interest in me and asked me how long I'd been training for. We talked a bit about Thailand and he mentioned that there's a Muay Thai event coming up in two months. He seemed like a pretty nice guy.

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