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Hooray, yesterday I went to wrestling and was surprised to find there is someone somewhat close to my size and age in the beginner’s class. We reviewed techniques I found out that not practicing some of the moves in a week led me to forgetting bits and parts of them. I guess I need to hang out with my friends who wrestle so I can be sure to learn the moves. We also did this sumo circle thing were you have to wrestle in a circle and first won to fall out loses. With the kid similar to my size we began the exercise. First he came charging in and I quickly threw him out with a head and arm. Next he tried charging in again and I grabbed him and just using force whipped him down out of the ring. Next I made a stupid move for this kid was smart and seemed to be learning and changing. As I went for an upper body throw he shot to my legs and got a double leg takedown. The sumo drill ended 2 for me and 1 for him. Then I was in for a surprise one of my wrestling coaches stepped in and the guy is a hulk. I tried every move in my arsenal practically and nothing fazed him. What wowed me was his base and grip no matter what I did he was just hold me away and not move. At the end he just let me take him down to be nice, but I plan on beating him one day. What I learned from today’s lesson is that you really need to practice the technique’s often till you master them, also when your wrestling executing techniques get a lot harder. Finally I found this one interesting that even though I've learned to shoot I more of an upper body throw guy. So I plan on working on that and also learning how to defend and incorporate other styles.
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