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Double class today

First was boxing/muay thai. Skipping, shadowboxing, a ton of heavy bag rounds, one round hitting mitts, 1 hour and we're done.

Then was MMA. Today was called 'rear naked day' we learned everything to do with the rear naked choke and practiced it extensively. After that we rolled for half an hour alternating between partners. I used my strength to help even out my inexperience, but when paired with someone similar to me I was pretty helpless. I got submitted maybe 4 times and managed to submit twice with a triangle and an arm bar. Another 1.5 hours and I'm done for the day.

I got scratched up on my lips while rolling which is kind of annoying but something I'll be getting used to now. Definitely going to roll with a mouthguard and probably a cup by next class. The trainer was a different one today, I know him from when I took a few classes a year ago and he remembers me as a hard hitter . He's much more thorough and exhausting to train under than the previous guy. I have to work during class tomorrow so it's a rest day unless my friend wants to do some pad drills. I'm ******* sore already and I know the morning after is going to be uncomfortable.
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