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Originally Posted by pauly_j View Post
Just a simple question:

When breaking someone's guard with your elbows into their inner thighs, is there any disadvantage in gable gripping your hands to prevent getting triangled? I do this but I don't wanna find out further down the line when rolling with experts that it opens me up for an attack.

Alright, pauly. Thanks for the reminder.

The disadvantage to the gable grip is that if you let your elbows hang a little bit, it gives your opponent a lot of opportunity for an armbar, and a smart opponent will not just let you drill into the thigh, they will tighten that guard off to close off the thigh and pull it up in order to draw out those elbows. I set up alot of armbars on opponents who gable grip initially.

The other problem is that if you keep your hands together, you may forget to keep your hands down, because you may give your opponent the opportunity to sit up and pull you down or catch the hip sweep.

None of these things is inherently problematic for the gable grip, in the guard (and I'm talking about the open guard here more than the closed guard, where you should be more focused on posture).

If your opponents guard is open, the first thing you need to do to prevent the triangle is to back out and maintain the posture. Don't worry about the position of your arms as much as you worry about your opponent breaking you down in the open guard, because if you have your posture, the triangle is easily avoidable, and so is the armbar.

What you should be doing is connecting your elbows to your knees as you work to pass. Once you do that and box out the legs, there is no threat of the triangle. The gable grip will defend against the basic triangle attempt, but since it does feed some of the more sophisticated moves, like open/butterfly guard sweeps, kneebars, armbars and a more advanced version of the triangle.

If you have that connection, you can back out of the guard and you can look patiently for that pass or, once you're all the way out, grab the feet and work for the toreando.

Hope that was helpful. If so, rep it. If not, let me know what needs clarification.

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