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Personal politics always seems to find its way into gyms everywhere. There's always someone who can convince the instructor that they have something to contribute in the way of teaching and they frequently don't.

I have said before that I am friends with my teacher's gf, who is in my class, but I don't respect her ability much. (It took her 9 years to get to blue belt. To give you an idea I am nothing special in the dojang and she is 1 1/2 ranks up from me and I have been taking tkd 3 years). The one time he let her teach class she taught her version of kickboxing which is more like the dullest calisthenics everyone hated in 8th grade gym with maybe 2 punch/kick combos in all. There were a couple new students who didn't come back after that, coincidence maybe, idk. We have two brown belts who come infreqently, as a result she is the highest ranking class member and teaches the same warmup and cool down and boring ass abs every f*cking time. We're used to our teacher mixing up this part of the class. He is a 3rd dan black belt and I don't come to tkd to be taught by a blue belt who can't participate half the time b/c of a knee injury she has never properly treated.

I'm sure you guys will find another gym and if yr old school competes, u can smoke them.

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