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Originally Posted by sove View Post
I love the finger in the throat. When I was a teen in karate class, the sensei (I think he was 6th degree black belt in ishinryu) asked for a volunteer to demonstrate a pressure point, the one in the video. As he pressed his finger into that spot on my upper chest he said, "now watch his face." That was all I needed to hear. I decided that no matter how bad it hurt, I was going to try to avoid showing any pain. It hurt, but I kept a straight face, not moving a muscle. He kept pressing until his finger felt like it was halfway down the inside of my rib cage. I didn't budge so he finally gave up and took another volunteer. Lesson: you can't count on pressure points, even against a 14 year old.
Nice how you literally stood up to your karate teacher.

(Correction: you can't rely on preassure points, especially not against a heroin addicted maniac with a knife who is trying to kill you He wouldn't feel a thing...)

Krav Maga + MMA is a better alternative (Krav Maga for dirty fighting and anti weapon tactics and MMA for being used to getting hit and getting physical with other, potentially stronger human beings).

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