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Not really. You said he was a heavyweight when he was in middleweight and light heavyweight fights. Oh well, he might be a heavyweight, I don't know that much about the weight class s---.

He didn't dominate any class except in his early days. Royce Gracie and Dan Severn were more successful than Ken. And when Ken returned to the UFC he got owned and didn't dominate anyone anytime. Tito Ortiz sent him out of action for another two years, then he came back and was the role of a punching bag during a Rich Franklin fight.

But he has done a lot for the business. I mean without him the submissions would be crappy. Without him back then in the early days it would have just been knuckle fighting except with Gracie in the ring. He was sort of like Belfort and Abbott. Both were awesome in their early days but when they returned to the octagon it was a whole new game and they were molested in the ring.
No he was a heavy weight back in the day,And at that time he was a great fighter and beat most of the people.

As for Franklin and Tito, ye but ken's time is over.
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