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Mon 8-11 ran 3 miles, lifted (chest & back) going in a few minutes to 8th grade gym class, I mean tkd conditioning, to do gay shit like mountain climbers, squat thrusts, ie nothing that helps me apply technique, is pad work too much to ask for?
My wish was granted and the teacher taught the class instead of letting his gf teach the same old shit. It was a lot of fun and I got to to mad pad work and turning kick drills, two of my favorite things. I thanked him for mixing it up and "not doing the same stuff over and over remember, muscle memory" hint hint. like thanks for not boring us to tears with the same old 8th grade gym conditioning workout like usual.
tue 8-12 ran 4.5 miles, lifted (biceps/triceps) only a few exercises, tricep dip 20lb. concentrated curl 12 lb, forward curl 15 lb, all of them were 3 sets of 12 reps. what I usually do.
wed 8-13 50 min arc trainer, 10 min bike, lifted (shoulders & back) shrugs, row, rear delts, fly, wimpy weights
TKD not cardio, just weapon disarms and joint locks kind of cool but not very exciting.
thur - ran 4 miles
fri - 3?? miles I have to post in here every day or two if it' s longer than that it's hard to remember what I did
sat. off
sun. ran 4.5 miles.

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