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Originally Posted by rockybalboa25 View Post
In an interview he called out Chuck Liddell. He has said that he won't back down from anybody and will fight anybody. Even though his opponents can barely be called real mixed martial artists. Look it's not completely his fault. Elite XC management has over-hyped him to a ridiculous nature. Gary Shaw's son, I forget his name, said Kimbo was in the top 10 of heavyweight strikers. He does deserve a lot of the hate he gets because of things he said, but I have to be honest I'd take the money too.
I completely agree with you. I think a lot of the Kimbo backlash comes from the way he is hyped and marketed. He has said some dumb things as well to make it worse. As I stated in a previous thread about Kimbo, on the EliteXC website they had streetfighter listed as his chosen discipline. Last I checked that's not a martial art.
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