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Less technique, more basic perspective.

I've been at BJJ for upward towards two months so far (two 40-45 minute classes a week), and... feel like I suck epically. I see what I need to do, I understand proper form and concept, but my body doesn't want to follow my mind (having not been anything close to athletic since early youth, that isn't so much a surprise). Moreover, I go through what I can remember in my mind (so many things are demonstrated with so little time to practice and truly grasp), but seem to forget a majority of things when it's time to roll.

Will these things (proper techniques and form) become more instinctive with practice and experience? Is it likely (again, including practice as a factor) that the disconnect betwen mind and body will be reduced in time?

Also, what things would you recommend I do to work on flexibility? I'm rather bendable considering my relative lack of fitness (helpful in being able to resist an early tapping), but I have a hard time manipulating my body (my legs in particular) to gain a better position. Any tips?

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