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Here's the diet I've put together. I've been moving things around and giving myself more options. I'm trying to have something I can enjoy and vary while still keeping my intake consistent.

6:30 am Wake Up

illmatic's super protein shake
7:15 am Beginning Work
muesli + a few fruits (varies) + cottage cheese
10:30 am Lunch Break
steak OR chicken breast OR salmon fillet
roast potatoes OR rice OR farkey noodles
steamed vegetables OR greek salad
4:00 pm Finish Work/Pre Workout
2x tuna OR turkey sandwiches on whole grains
7-8:30 pm (Varies alot) Post Workout/Dinner
illmatic's super protein shake
A completely random dinner, my only true freedom through the day. Can't be overly bad like a bag of Doritos, but the Chicken Caesar sub from Quiznos I had today, for example, is fine.
10:30 pm Before Bed
illmatic's super protein shake

There's of course random small things in a day like a cup of coffee or a gatorade or a couple oreos. But the core revolves around all this.

About 6 litres of water throughout a day.

illmatic's Super Protein Shake
2/3 to a litre 2% milk
1 raw egg
1 cup microwaved oatmeal
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 scoop vanilla whey protein

Calories 6000ish
Carbs 550
Protein 450
Fat 200

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