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Weights: Back & Biceps

Wide Lat Pull down

Medium Lat Pull down

Close grip lat pull down

Seated Cable Row

Dead lift

Preacher Curl

Hammer Curl

Concentration Curls

Alright well later that night i decided i'd do a quick 3x5 minute circuit similar to the one Brock Lesnar does and all i can say is ****!!! I no i'm not in the best shape but i could barely finish the third round.

Strength & Conditioning Circuit

- 3 Rounds
- 5 Minute Rounds
- 1 Minute Break
- Each round is repeated for the full 5 minutes!

Round 1: Pushing Round

10X Spiderman push-ups
10X Plyo push-ups (depth explosive)
50X Mounted punches
5X Tire Flips
20X Hand switch push ups

Round 2: Pulling Round

10X Recline pull-ups
10X Bodyweight pull-ups
10X Pushing/ Flipping tire
10X Jumping pull-ups
10X Heavy bag twirls

Round 3: Cardio Round

10X Burpees
10X Sprawls
10X Tuck Jumps
10X Plank hip twists
10X Mountain Climbers

Well thats all i could muster. The third round absolutely ****ed me i thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest at one point... Hopefully over time i'll improve and be able to work it up to 5x5's instead of just 3x5.

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)

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