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Originally Posted by joppp View Post
IronMan: How do you escape or avoid twister side control? If someone gets it on you you're at least going to get mounted...
Alot of guys try to buck from this position, but your opponent will generally ride it out until he slides his hips up onto your chest and you have no more power.

There are a few outs.

The first is the easiest. Reach over your opponents back and sit up, and try to slip the leg out so that you can get to the back.

If your opponent continues to drop that bottom leg to keep you off, reach the legs around and try to grab the top leg, setting up the half-guard. Once you do this, transition to the basket-position (or, as some people call it, the quarter guard) and start working the sweep.

Also: How do you escape the Judo style Side control? It's a great control position I just don't know how to get out from...
There are a few. Are you talking about the scarf hold?

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