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Originally Posted by jongurley View Post
Kimbo isn't chit, he hasn't fought anyone worth a crap and the first time he fights someone who is good on the ground he is through,, and no he doesn't need to go to the UFC and Dana White said he didn't want him that Kimbo wasn't good, and he isn't,, do you realize what would happen if they dumped Kimbo in the cage with someone like Frank Mir,, Kimbo would be pulling a wagon with his arms or legs in it after the fight,, and I got news for you if Kimbo does for some reason fight Ken Shamrock it will be a submission first round win for Ken
ken hasn't subbed anyone since 2001 and doesn't seem very interested in the sub game anymore. if buzz berry could KO him without ken even trying to go to the ground I think Kimbo has a great chance of doing the same thing. then there's the 30 lb weight advantage and the fact that ken's gastank is one of the few in MMA that is even weaker than kimbo's these days.

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