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MMA King's Quest is Fedor presents the MMA King's Quest. This is your opportunity to determine the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter of all time.

Fedor vs. Silva: Who is the best pound-for-pound fighter? (Affliction)
And the winner is... Fedor Emelianenko! Championship voting concluded on Aug. 12, at which point it was revealed that you gave Emelianenko 67 percent of the total votes (4,981) to crown him the best pound-for-pound fighter of all time. Thanks to all who participated in the voting, and don't let the debate end there: voice your opinion in our MMA group or on our MMA message boards!

[Note: For a rundown of how the entire tournament and voting went, read below, and click through the various links to each matchup.]

As noted below, we asked our MMA experts to rank their top 25 fighters of all time and then we used a reverse-point system to determine seeds. For instance, a fighter who ranked No. 1 with an expert received 25 points.

With that said, follow the guidelines below and remember to have fun with this.

The guidelines are as follows. Remember, these are fantasy fights. Have fun with it and try not to get hung up on suspending disbelief:

• Fighter selection and seeding are based off the all-time rankings from a panel of CBSSports mixed martial arts analysts. Voters were encouraged to consider all aspects of a fighter's skill set, intangibles and overall impact on the sport.

• Assume that there is no advantage to be had by being a heavier fighter. Obviously Miguel Torres is at a huge disadvantage if he were to fight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Focus on the pure abilities of each fighter and vote under the assumption that weight is not an issue.

• Each fighter will be competing at the peak of his game. That means there is no wondering which B.J. Penn will show up to fight. The best B.J. Penn will always show up.

• Fights will follow the majority of the modern rules of MMA. No groin attacks, eye gouging, small joint manipulation, etc.

• Fights will follow the UFC’s current rules allowing most elbows and Pride’s former rules allowing most knees and kicks to the head of a downed opponent.

• Fighters will be required to wear 4-oz gloves.

• Fighters will not be allowed to wear a gi.

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