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Muay Thai Training

Began with a 15 minute warm up including skipping, stretching and hitting the heavy bag and fly ball (floor 2 ceiling).

After this moved into a little bit of thai clinch offense and defence etc counting and how to prevent damaging knees to the body. One of my strong points is in the thai clinch except when the bloke i'm grappling has a good 20-25kg on me.

We now moved into deflecting punches and counting with strikes or take downs, this is usually pritty good fun and gets ya feet moving cause if your to slow ya gonna get hit.

After this we worked on some elbow strikes for me mainly spinning back elbow, reverse upper and reverse hooking elbow... i dunno the correct names these are just what i call them :P

Following this we worked the next 30 minutes or so on engaging into the grapple. This envolved alot of knees, short chopping kicks and stab kicks and alot of elbow work.

Had a quick 2 rounds full thai rules, did alright landed a few nice inside leg kicks which are me favorite to set up the superman punch and then high kick... my favorite combo.

To finish up we had about 5-10 minutes on our street defense, which is pritty much what to do if someone grabs you a certain way... This is one of my big weaknesses lol which isn't the best if something happens in the street eg. i get grabbed from behind or head locked.

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)

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