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Some really really old pictures

I don't think I posted these here yet, but I was going through my closet and found some really old pictures I did from like 15 years ago and thought I'd share. Don't laugh, I was really bored and drew anything I saw. Some were done with just ink pen, I don't like to erase....

Spider-Man vs Hobgoblin

Closer look at Hobby

Closer look at Spidey

Unfinished head shots of Spawn

Smiley from the Evil Ernie comics

More of Smiley

Home Depot Man

Sponge Bob (newest one)

Evil Ernie and Smiley

Cool image from an Offspring cd


Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal


Pinky and the Brain

Some character I saw in a Spawn comic

Character from an unreleased game called Thrill Kill that I got a bootleg copy of.

Well thats it, like I said I was young and drew anything.

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