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fedor is not the best

Fedor is not the best, and is not going to be the best, until he starts beating some good fighters again. The last good fighter he beat was Mirko Filipovic in 2005. I know he has beaten Noguiera twice, but that was 4 years ago.

Fedor has an entertaining, explosive style but he is not very technical in most of his striking or ground and pound. He wins because he is so fast and explosive that people get caught with a crazy punch, which he throws with the side of his hand too much and is why he breaks it, or a submission which is his only technical strength.

Anderson Silva is an amazing fighter to watch because of the technicality and finesse that he uses to finish his opponents. His striking is "a ballet of highlights" and his submission are well versed. However, being king of the middleweight division and having a couple wins in light heavyweight doesn't say as much as being dominant in one of the more stacked weight classes.

This is why i think GSP, even though i like Anderson and Fedor more, is the best fighter. He has beaten everyman he has ever fought and is dominant in one of the most stacked weight classes and has beaten a lot of top competition. Just look at all the fights he has had in the last couple of years, Frank Trigg, Sean Sherk, BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, and Jon Fitch. He got beat by Matt Hughes at his prime, then came back better and destroyed him twice, and lost against Matt Serra because of some lucky punches, but then came back better and destroyed him. He is good in all areas of the game even more so than Fedor and Silva.

BJ Penn could become the best fighter if he wasn't so stupid. He is the best lightweight in the world right now and just proved it. There are still a good five fights waiting for him and challenging GSP is the worst thing for the sport and for him right now. After he clears out the lightweight division, then it's time to think about a move up in weight, like Anderson Silva did. It sucks because BJ is probably the most naturally talented fighter alive and could be the best if he wanted, but until Fedor beats Andrei Arlovski, Josh Barnett, and Randy Couture, or Anderson Silva finds some new middleweights that are worthy or dominates at light heavyweight, GSP will be the best and you can't say he doesn't deserve that title.

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