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Originally Posted by bail3yz View Post
TS should get banned also.. so obvious this is him.
We dont need idiots on this forum that make numerous accounts to defend their ignorance.

Also.. we didnt judge your mma knowledge on your post count... we were able to figure out that you dont know much by the garbage you spewed.

Lastly, stop editing your original post to 'counter' the replies you are getting.
That wasn't me just making another account, why would somebody do that? haha i don't care if everybody disagrees with me, it's an opinion and thats it. I'm just a fan, my two cents doesn't mean anything. Sorry for editing the post, i just realize that i hadn't said what i was originally thinking when i wrote it. The only reason i posted this garbage is because you fiends won't let anybody say that Fedor is nothing less than God. I was simply playing the devil's advocate to stir debate and see if people were mature enough to make viable points and be able to defend Fedor. You don't have to look longer than a minute into Fedor's highlights to understand that he is the best fighter , i just wanted to propose an opposing opinion for entertainment.
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