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Went to the gym this afternoon. First time with weights in maybe 3 months now. I want everyone to take note of this because this is the weakest, most pathetic weights I've lifted in probably 4 years or more, and it'll all be uphill from here until I break old barriers.

I did a full body routine to adjust my body to weightlifting and to see how much damage travelling has done to my strength. It'll shift to the 3 day split and I'll add more combat oriented exercises in the near future.

Squats 8,8 @ 135lbs
Deadlift 8,8 @ 135lbs
Bench Press 8,8 @ 135lbs
Military Press 6,5 @ 95lbs
Wide Grip Pullup 6,4 @ bodyweight
Dips 6,6 @ bodyweight

The scary thing is how challenging all these weights are for me. Yikes.
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