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Well today was another day for wrestling. I missed the last two practices because for one I was sick and the other I was getting a physical. And by the way can I say not fun, the Doc couldnít check me because I was in hysterics. Anyway going back to the wrestling, we had another good and solid day of practice. We worked on some double leg and single leg takedown variations as well as learning how to defend the double leg. Conditioning didnít seem to be as hard on me as it used to, but I credit this to me exercising more and getting in shape. I really donít have much more to say about the wrestling except for at the end of practice we whipped out the freestyle throw bad and did some gymnastics. It came to a point were we had to jump over the jump rope, which was, positioned high for the bigger kids like myself. The first two attempts I front flipped over the obstacle perfectly but on the third one was were the magic happened. As I ran I felt that something was off but I continued anyways I hurled myself into the air and to my amazement I cleared it. Everyone was all pumped for some reason, which I could not understand. But later I found out that I did not jump front flip the thing but by means only God knows how I barrel rolled side flipped. Anyways practice was fun and wrestling rocks.
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