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MMA Class

Started with the various running warmups, then did a bit of gymnastics again; rolls, back rolls, cartwheels, and diving front rolls. Still awkward but everything's getting better and I'm not as disoriented as last time we did them. Today we worked from side control. Submitting from it (don't know what it was called but had to do with locking the wrist then lifting at the shoulder joint), getting into full mount, and getting out of it. Still struggling to memorize all the steps and then repeat but I got the techniques down eventually. Then we spent time practicing starting from side mount and trying to get full mount while the other guy trys to submit or get to half guard. I did alright here against a guy much heavier than me who said he'd been coming for a year on and off.

Then we rolled where I did alot better. I didn't get submitted, and I managed a guillotine, and 2 triangles. These are the only 2 submissions I seem to get on people when we're rolling because I'm comfortable with them, so whenever I get mount or side control I just simulate pounding on them. I'd like to master a few more submissions so that I can finish it from other positions than in guard.

I noticed I do alot better in no Gi. This may just be a noob observation, but I think that you can get away with shittier technique by making it up with strenth more so in no Gi. I feel pretty helpless rolling in a Gi because technique is a vague concept in my mind. Regardless I'll keep at Gi until it becomes comfortable, and I'm sure I'll pick up skills for both disciplines.
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