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Man am I ******* sore right now. It's the first day back in the gym that's killed me these past few days. It'll get better from here, but for the moment it's hurting my ability to do the classes. I'll definitely finish the weeks classes, but I doubt I'll do any training beforehand until the end of the week.

Today was beginner jiu-jitsu again. We did a sweet warm up today, the class is divided in half then everyones on their knees, set up goal posts and then basically play some chaotic hockey, using your hand to slap the ball. Also aloud to grapple with guys around the ball. Pretty funny and very Canadian of us.

Today we did side control like in M.M.A., it's different teachers so I don't know if they're coordinating or it was just chance. The drills were more basic, essentially just practicing coming in on a guy out of his guard, sliding, the knee over, or pushing the knees to the side then coming around for side control. No submissions. Then we practiced from guard trying to get to side control while they try to sweep or submit. Did okay, still get roughed around pretty easily in the Gi. Ah well, it'll come.
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