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After some time off, everyone who walked out decided to get together, drink a few beers and decide what to do. We threw around a few names of the gyms around in the area. The final decision was to just train out of someone's garage, which I pretty much was expecting to happen.

I guess I should explain why we choose the garage over an established gym. We've been training together for years and we basically molded the gym we used to train at into the one we wanted. I hate calling the gym a "practical self defense" gym because of the cliche that title has become in McDojos. We try to slant the drills and training methods into what we think could best simulate self defense. So basically we just want to continue doing what we were already doing just at a new location. We are still open to going to a diff gym but for now I think we are going to just stick together.

There is 17 of us, 17 people who consistently have three nights a week already reserved to train and saturday mornings. A lot of the drills, training methods, and exercises were developed or introduced by one of us. The bulk of us have backgrounds and lot of experience in other styles that carried over. Not to mention the wrestling and judo coaches are in the group.

At this point, after doing the math we figured out that all of us together, we all have a collection of our own person training gear we could set up in a garage. Our normal monthly fees to the school that we aren't paying anymore we could used to pay for some wrestling mats and whatever equipment we decided to add.

So I think we have a good group. Most of us have been training at the WC school for over three years, not to mention a few seniors that have been around since the early 80's. We have a wrestling coach and a Judo coach. A personal trainer, and a strength and power lifting coach that trains wrestlers football players at a local high school. We also have a guy who has a ridiculous garage.

This should be interesting.

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