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Originally Posted by Dandada187
Ken Shamrock truely is a living legend in the world of mixed martial arts and a favorite of MMA fans around the world. Ken Shamrock has lived the life of a martial arts warrior and continues to do so as well as passing on his undoubted skills by the way of his training camp, THE LIONS DEN.
Since the very beginning of The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Ken Shamrock has been involved. In UFC 1 - The Beginning he won with a heel hook submission against Patrick Smith and was eventually defeated by brazilian jiu jitsu supremo Royce Grace by the way of a rear naked choke.
SHAMROCK ... the name says it all. Along with Royce Gracie and Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock was one of the original pioneers of mixed martial arts. At a time when fighters were only skilled in one art, Shamrock was a hybrid fighter, mixing strong grappling and striking techniques. During his reign as Superfight Champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, Shamrock defeated an impressive list of fighters, including Kimo, Severn, and Oleg Taktarov.

Ken Shamrock has fought around the world in The Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride Fighting as well as being a popular figure in the WWE where he was billed as "The world's most dangerous man", a nickname that has followed him back into the MMA world.

Ken is primarily a submission fighter although is a well rounded MMA fighter. His ferocious tenacity is what drives him on in his fights and keep his legion of fans on the edge of their seats.

When the worlds most dangerous man is looking you square in the eyes across the octagon then you had better be ready for a war. Ken Shamrock is a legend and he isn't going anywhere just yet.
I respect the hell out of Ken. Just like everyone else has said, he was a pioner and and an amazing fighter. But the key word here is WAS. He is much older now (41) and cant fight like he used to. He needs to realize this. Most professional athleats retire in thier mid 30's. He has had a great stint. But I dont think he needs to go out as the man who was great but didn't know when to quit. Wether he beats Ortiz on the 8th or not he needs to either, get out of the UFC and be a promotor, or simply keep his legacy threw The Lion's Den. His camp is a great way to keep his name synonymous with MMA. But constiantly going out and getting beat can tarnish a name very quickly.

After coaching the Ultimate Fighter season 3, and having this huge promotion for UFC 61 Bitter Rivals. He is in the lime light. He is getting the "face time" again. It is now time to step aside and let the new, young up and commers try to match all that he has done.
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