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Good double class today to wrap up the week of classes. First off was Muay Thai, we had another guy leading classes today, another local up and comer. We practiced alot of fighting for clinches, breaking, knees, other striking, etc. Also checked lots of round kicks. I ate a knee squarely in the balls from a guy on his first day. It was my fault for not keeping my forearms down there and for not wearing a cup, but damn was I nervous after that. Note to self: Buy a cup tomorrow.

MMA class was also really good. More guard passing as well as triangle practice and I learned an arm bar. Still a bit awkward on the arm bar but it'll come in time. As we were rolling I got pounded on today, need to quit giving up my neck.. My neck got wrenched quite a bit, and my jaw popped and I felt this crazy hot rush of blood in my cheek like blood was spilling out of a vein or something. Probably just a pop and something I'll get used to. Also learned a chimera (not sure on spelling) from a friend, I feel pretty comfortable with that one now and think I'll slip it in on someone in the near future.

Tomorrow is suppossed to be rest but I may hit the gym again, probably do another light full body routine to continue easing in the extra training outside of class. Also definitely going to hit the hottub for a fair amount of time.

I've got a question for any knowledgable viewers as well: I have a severe underbite, and what this means is I can't shape a mouthguard to fit into my bottom and top teeth, because there's too much of a gap between. What I did with mine is I brought my jaw forwards so that my teeth are lined up as if my bite was regular. Now the problem is, when my chin gets put under pressure, my teeth tend to slip out of the mouth guard and get pushed back to where they naturally go, this ****s me up because I can't clench my teeth when this happens because my mouthguards in the way. Thoughts?
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