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Originally Posted by plazzman View Post
Quite frankly, Pickering is the same shit as Scarborough.
This is true, which is why I'm glad I live in Whitby.

Originally Posted by wawaweewa
Why don't you bitches move to the US of A and this won't be a problem for you. Just not the south. Good God do not move to the South.
Not even going to get into this. Both countries have their merits. For instance, you guys can actually win medals in the Olympics, we have non-war criminals as our elected officials (kidding, plus Stephen Harper just reeks of someone who loves little boys). I can go back and forth all night.

Originally Posted by swpthleg
I want to hear more about the Pickering-Scarborough area, as I am totally ignorant of Toronto geography esp. in socioeconomic terms.
As much shit as Scarborough gets, it's really pretty decent. Orton Park (a small part of the Scarb) is bad for crime, and that's where Scarborough gets most of it's bad name. It's definitely not on my shit list like Jane/Finch, Regent Park, Rexdale, etc. Toronto as a whole is a safe place to live (by the numbers), just a lot of petty crimes. Pickering gets a lot of the wannabe gangster run-off from Scarborough, which to me is just as bad, if not worse.

The funny thing is that Pickering and Scarborough have two of the nicest neighbourhoods I've been privy to know people in, which are Rougemount and the Bluffs. In general, I'd consider both Pickering and Scarborough in general to be middle to upper-middle class areas.
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