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Today was a great MMA class, but I got my ass kicked worse than I ever have. I'm sure it'll get worse before it gets better too.

Warmed up and stretched out, started with practicing takedowns. Step in grab behind knees, pivot around to the side, step forward and throw legs. We shadowed this for awhile, then teamed up and tried it on partners.

I noticed takedowns get a bit confusing when doing southpaw vs. orthodox. I think maybe stepping forward with the back leg instead of the lead leg first helps close the gap better.

Anyways, after that we learned to defend it by pushing their face off, getting a whizzer through to our leg, pivoting the back leg out of reach, leaning in to use their support as a second leg, then jerking out the lead like you're kickstarting a motorcycle. Seems like a good time to bring that leg back in the form of a knee onto your opponents face.

Practiced having a partner hold our leg while leading us around the gym hopping on our free leg for a few minutes, **** that was exhausting but I pushed through.

Then we sparred takedowns/take down defense. Exhausting. I suck at wrestling, which should be a given because this is my first real experience at it. I find myself too long and lanky to get in tight and be explosive.

After this we rolled starting from standing. I got ******* annihilated. I don't know if it was just the difficulty of the class or because I hit the gym today (well obviously it was both), but instead of gassed I was fully burnt out in everyway possible. The talent has definitely gone up as well in the class, we've got alot more experienced guys that are as heavy as me and shaped like thick wrestlers, these guys were on me as I got tossed and pounded for round upon round. Finished it off with being paired up with a guy whos had a few pro fights who needless to say raped me on the mat. I think it was something like 4 submissions in 5 minutes, starting from a stand. At that point I figured if anything I'd see how much heart I had as I got up right away to get going. I felt like a big clusmy oaf too exhausted to do anything but resist; I felt like Forrest Griffin.

I've been reading some submissions on as a supplement to my slow progress in BJJ. It's good to brush up on the finer points of things I'm getting used to. Once I get a partner, I'll be practicing more new stuff. I went into class today with the goal of landing a Kimura or an Armbar on someone to get comfortable with a new submission, almost landed a Kimura twice but they reached over with their other arm and got free. I'll carry this goal over to the next class.

**** I'm sore. Determination has only gone up though.
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