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Originally Posted by cabby
Both Steroids and the other supps that I have mentioned to be just like the "juice" are bad for you. In capsule form they are harder on your liver because of the breaking down of the drug. Injectables have little effect on the liver compared to orally taking something. Both can give the side effect that you hear about that are associated with steroids. Gyno, shrunken nads, hair loss, heart problems, etc. Many people use milk thistle and other herbal supplements to keep the organs healthy while on something but all in all its bad either way. If someone continaully uses their entire life they proabably won't see 60. Alot of people who used frequently now have to be on Steroids prescribed by a doctor just to keep them normal. In some cases when you reach 50's or so and have been using alot in your life you can have the test level of a 13 year old girl(just for example)
So, why is one legal and the other not? sorry if its like 3rd time i ask the same thing, but i dont understand how 2 things, both dangerous for the body, can be legal and illegal and the same time
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