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Toe is still somewhat sore but definitely much better. I took off the rest of the week because it won't take much to send it back to where it was. Sounds like a cop out but whatever, I'm staying injury free for as long as I can and your main legs big toe gets used in more than you think. I did go to the gym today though. Upped weights again for the most part successfully.

Squats 8, 8 @ 175lbs
Deadlifts 8, 8 @ 175lbs
Bench Press 8, 7 @ 155lbs
Military Press 8, 8 @ 95lbs
Wide Grip Pullup 6, 5 @ bodyweight
Cable Rope Crunches 15, 15 @ 190lbs (maxed out)

Bodyweight is up to 211. Thats 9lbs up from 3 days ago (wtf!!) and a total of 16lbs up for the month. I'm shocked at how fast it's coming back, I just hope my returning strength can maintain it's momentum as that's what I'm really after.
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