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Well Started Football 2 weeks ago, haven't had much gym time worth metioning, but did do a few different things. Played a pre season game Thursday against a D-1 Team (we're D-3) and got spanked hard.

Flat Bench
12 x 135
5 x 225
Failed 250 and did something to my elbow, dunno if anyone can help but its like a dull throbing pain. Been there for a month or so, only when benching heavy right at the elbow bicept area. Anyone know if wrists turning with the weight can do that?
3 x 225 (felt super weak)

Incline Dumbbell
10 x 50
8 x 70
5 x 80
6 x 70
Pain was too much and failed getting any more on the 80. Hope its not bad.

Decline Bench
12 x 135
8 x 185
5 x 205

Pec Dec
10 x 110
10 x 160
8 x 180
8 x 160

well gym threw out all the chalk so couldn't have a good grip. Gotta try to get a rythm before school starts, and figure out my elbow.

Favorite fighters (no order)
Andrei Arlovski
Randy Couture
Fedor Emelianenko
Nick Diaz
BJ Penn
Frank Shamrock
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