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sat-sun didn't work out
Mon 9-01: in this order: jumped rope 10 min, ran 3 miles, jumped rope 10 min, ran 1 mile, jab/cross/uppercut or backfist/cross/elbow on some mats hung up on the wall. The only heavy bag I have access to do is at my dojang and there is no tkd tonight due to the holiday. Starting tomorrow I go back to my usual schedule: cardio every weekday and TKD 3-4 nights a week, a weekend workout on top of that if I feel up to it. Now that proper sparring is starting up again 3 of these 4 nights will be cardio related and I will need all the conditioning I can get on my own.
tue: had to get my hair cut and get school stuff for a kid who told me 2 days ahead of time she didn't have her stuff. TKD total waste of time, instructor talked and talked and talked about virtues and we did one-steps for about 15 minutes and then he talked some more. No cardio, giant waste of time. I'm going to have to take up outside running if this type of cluster**** keeps happening. How the **** do you apply what you learn if you devote 45 minutes of an hour to sitting and listening? I HATE MEDITATION. It hurts my back, bores the shit out of me, makes me fidgetier and crankier than hell. Unless you find it relaxing, which I don't, it's a huge waste of gym time imo.
Wed: ran 4 miles, tkd 1 hour talking (instructor talking about his martial arts background, impressive but 1 hour??) then we did forms for 1 hour, not much cardio in tkd
Thur: 45 min arc trainer, 15 min bike
fri: shuffle/squat thrust/step box combos 10 min, arc trainer 25 min, bike 15 min, jump rope 5 min

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