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True Grappler
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True Grappler vs. Pure Grappler

I had this come up in a discussion a little while ago. I was trying to explain what I mean when I call myself a "true grappler." They didn't seem to understand what that means, because they thought it meant that I was a pure grappler. I just want to clarify the difference.

A pure grappler is someone who really only does grappling. They are really only effective on the ground and, usually, only effective in one position. Their style limits them to fighting on the ground, which is fine, but in MMA it really limits alot of your options and creates a sort of one dimensional approach.

Pure grappling can be done right, as seen with alot of the Gracies, and it can be done wrong, like with any single-minded approach to fighting.

True grappling is based on Bruce Lee's philosophy, which I was exposed to a little while ago and decided to employ in my martial arts. It is also similar to Peter Ralston's idea of Chang Hsin.

True grappling is for those of us who do not associate ourselves with any one school of thought in the way of grappling. We aren't really BJJ and we aren't really wrestling. We don't associate ourselves with any particular form or style, but, because most of us start out in a particular style, we end up using alot of other styles.

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