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Another day, another dollar.

MMA class was brutal but good once again. Warm up run then a really brutal warmup where you partner has your legs and you walk forwards with your hands, then you do one where you walk while doing pushups on each step, then on the third lap your doing pushups exploding forwards. Technique today was shooting in for the knee and taking down. Practiced then sparred it. After that we rolled and I got my candy eaten. First up my partner was throwing up from the training so he was out, so the trainer went with me and put on a clinic. Still I struggled well and at least stalled his advances and did what I could to get into better positions. Next was up against a kid who was much smaller than me yet pwned me into guillotines constantly. Then I went against a thick wrestler dude who also tossed me around and subbed me twice. I just sucked it up and took the pounding pretty well, if I'm not gonna win I'll at least build up some endurance and encourage that fighting spirit.. Went over to my other gym and went into a hottub for some recovery.
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