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UFC is like the WWE of MMA

This isn't a disrepsect to the fighters, they can fight were ever they want

This is out to the league, and it's fans.

Recently i have started to notice that fans of the UFC are booing other countries when they fight. Lol people common, you should be paying them ALL respects to what they are doing for you.

1) Fans boo people they don't like, so it's has a comparison to wrestling.

There are a few champs out there who shouldn't have the belt, yes given they do but they shouldn't, which makes the viewers more eager to watch upcomming fights because theres a story line.

2) WWE has a story line! But if you think about it, these are fighters, and it's a sport, you dont need to see a story developing to like the fights,

Fighters in the UFC like to SLAM!! their opponents to the ground for a Knock-out, where a slam isn't really that effective, it's only effective if you land on the soft spot on your head. And besides UFC the only time I really see slams is because the fighter who is on the top and in the gaurd is usually beening submitted, which the guy on the top slams him to break the hold.

3) If your "finishing move" is a slam, it's really homo, why don't we bring out tables and chair and stop signs too!

Lastly, fighters shouldn't cause drama, theres no need for it, its a martial art, respect the other fighter and his ability to do what he's good at. A lot of UFC fighters start talking shit about their next opponent to make it have more drama, and theres no need for it.

4) creating drama!

If you look at my 4 points you can see that UFC is more like a WWE match up, then a MMA battle.

I still like the fights, but to prove what im saying, watch the GSP VS Matt Hughes, coming up, the fans will boo GSP, and they dont even know him, and it just proves my point even more.

Have respect, thats really what they are fighting for they aren't fighting in the UFC for money we already know that!

For most of you, ignorance is bliss, but for me it's about the truth.

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